Agency Arms Glock 34

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist: Agency Arms Glock 34

Dentist in Pasadena TexasSpecs:  Glock 34 full build, Trijicon HD NS ,  Ghost Disconnect 3.5 , Agency Arms Trigger , Urban – frame

First time out yesterday with my new Agency Arms Glock 34 full build. Just a quick trip to an indoor range on my way home from work.  I was supper excited about the gun. I know it is “The Indian and not the bow”. However, with the Agency Arms full build this dentist has all the advantages possible.

Best Dentist Padena TexasDr. Michael Nugent DDS


Agency Arms Frame: Feels awesome. I live in Houston where it is always hot and humid. The full body stipple makes the grip feel like sandpaper. It really locks your hand onto the weapon. The accelerator cut is amazing. I go as far forward as possible with my support hand. The accelerator cut allows me to dig my thumb in for better contact and control.

Agency Arms Slide: I’ll never fumble a slide manipulation. Glocks has pretty pathetic stock serrations. The Agency Arms slide works cure that. They like to call their serrations “DNA collectors”. I went with the Urban Combat Slide. The Urban is the lightest slide Agency Arms offers and is not intended for RMR usage.

Agency Arms Trigger: It was the first time ever for me to run a flat faced trigger. I also has a Ghost Disconnect 3.5 added to my work order.

I only got to run 200 rounds through the gun as I had to get home after work. In the crappy lighting of the indoor range I could not see the bright yellow of the Trijicon HD NS. I have another G34 that was my IDPA gun. It had the standard Glock sights so I figured on this G34 I would replicate that big front dot. I can’t wait to try the gun at my outside range. I was a little aprehensive on spending the money for the full build. However, I am SO glad I did. The gun has exceeded my expectations. I’m ordering a Trijicon RMR07 and will be sending my Glock 17 in for a full build. This will be my first real pistol to have a red dot. I have a red dot on a suppressed .22lr pistol, but the red dot does not move with the slide.









I’m very excited about getting my  new G34 to my outdoor range and going through more rounds and timed drills.


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