Combative Weapon Solutions October 2, 2016

Carbine 1 is intended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters. Focus will be on efficient and consistent weapons manipulations to increase speed and accuracy with the use of a carbine. Core curriculum will be proper fundamentals for increasing accuracy and proficiency while under stress.  From proper zeroing to fluid and methodical handling of the carbine platform is crucial to building the proper fundamentals. This is NOT a static shooting class, but rather a class that brings the fundamentals of carbine shooting and the dynamics of using the carbine into a truth based perspective.

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist

Dr. Michael Nugent Pasadena Texas

I got the kids up early on Saturday and we drove to Fredericksburg, Texas for the Oktoberfest festival. My parents were down from Lubbock and my sister came in from Austin. We had a good time on Saturday.  Sunday morning my parents and sister helped me attend Combative Weapon Solutions Carbine (CWS) 1 class. I dropped the kids of super early at my parents hotel room. Then later in the morning my sister drove the kids back to her house in Austin.

I have taken this class numerous times. I don’t do a lot of rifle work so taking an introductory class is fine by me. It is good practice on the fundamentals. The advanced shooters just do the fundamental super smooth and efficient.

I have a new partner in my office Dr. West Ficken. He came out to shoot with me. Fun times on the range shooting with a fellow dentist.

Shooting Dentist Pasadena Texas

I was mainly running my Sig MPX that is a SBR with the SilencerCo Octane HD. I had not run the gun hard and it worked like a champ. The one complaint is that the charging handle is small and proprietary. It was difficult to cycle during malfunction drills. I’ve never had problems running the charging handle on my ARs with my Raptor charging handles.

Sig MPX SBR with SilencerCo Octane

Adams Arms 11.5 SBR with SilencerCo Saker

I was able to secure my favorite spot on the shooting line. The far left. No brass in your face and less of a chance to get muzzled. Even though this was a beginners course to shooting carbine Lee the CEO of CWS would come down the line and challenge me to go faster.

I’ve lost count how many classes I have taken with CWS. They are always updating their curriculum and classes. I’ve taken a lot of shooting classes around Texas and the United States. CWS offer exceptional training, knowledge and value. The cost to attend classes is very reasonable. All the instructors at CWS are passionate about teaching.