Carbine in Houston

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist Carbine Skills:

Had a great time shooting with Combative Weapon Solutions. Usually I have to travel to Bastrop to shoot with them. However, they were in Northwest Houston offering their Carbine 1 and Carbine 2 class. I almost never take my carbine to the range because I almost am always practicing pistol for my IDPA competitions. I like to take several carbine classes during the year because I get rapid skill growth and foundation repetition. Learning / reviewing carbine principles in a classroom environment and then going through specific drills under the watchful eyes of instructors is very beneficial.

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As always I had a great time and learned a lot. The class ran very smoothly and was very safe. Owning a carbine is the just beginning. You need the skills to properly employ your platform. I know, I know Instructor Gray….a platform is a a raised level surface on which people or things can stand.

If you are wanting to be more proficient with your rifle I encourage you to check out Combative Weapons Solutions. They provide exceptional value for the reasonable cost of classes. I have been training with them for several years and they continue to improve their curriculum. For example, Instructor Gray recently went to the Force Science Institute and became Force Science certified. The cadre of CWS never stop learning. GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!