Chris Costa

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist:

Chris Costa hosted by Combative Weapon Solutions


I had the awesome opportunity to take a two day handgun , one day shotgun class from Chris Costa that was hosted by Combative Weapon Solutions.

I’ve shot with Lee and Chris the owners of Combative Weapon Solutions (CWS) before. They are stand up guys and passionate about what they do. They hosted Chris and helped make the three day class a huge successes. The class was phenomenal. Lunch was provided by CWS and it was awesome. Great catered food each day. The fantastic lunch hit the spot after a busy morning of training.

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Chris did a great job of keeping the class moving forward, giving great coaching and explanations, and injecting humor into the class. One of the biggest mental preparation examples that resonated  with me is the “you will be in a gun fight at 6 pm today.”  This was to make you really get your “head in the game” and focus on the training. I don’t hunt. I am not military or law enforcement.  I am just a “Regular Joe” and use my firearms for IDPA competitions. I am no super Navy Seal / Ranger / Delta / Ninja. However, I am a Father and Husband and realize that I am in charge of my families safety. I pray I never have to use my concealed handgun.  Being aware of the dangers of the world, training and being prepared mentally and physically are important to me as the protector of my family.

Day one of the pistol course I ran my Glock 34 and on the second day I ran my SW MP VTAC. Chris Costa was an situational awareness ninja. He came up to me on the second day before class started and said “you switched pistols. ” Wow, he knew I shot a Glock yesterday and today I was shooting a MP.  Chris was paying attention to his students! Day three was shotgun. Shotgun is my weakest skill set. I was glad to get more instruction on the platform. My only other training on shotgun was when I ran my Vepr 12 at a class last year. My Mossberg 930 SPX was having failure to extract issues. I need to get that sorted out.


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In short, the three days were great. I would highly advise you to check the CWS schedule as they are having Chris Costa back in 2015. Three days of world class training is invaluable. The class was worth the financial cost and the days away from family.  Get out there an train!



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