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Combative Weapon Solutions

I was able to attend a three day class put on Combative Weapon Solutions and Dark Angel Medical. My super cool sister Anglea helped me out by taking a day of vacation to watch little Katherine. Angela drove from Austin to Bastrop and picked up Katherine. Wife stayed in Houston with Emily.

Three days training. First day was with Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis. The  Friday class consisted of combat trauma. Day two was a low light class and scenarios. Finally, day three was an urban defense, scenarios and final evolution.

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Friday’s classroom instruction and tourniquet practice was incorporated into training on Saturday and Sunday.

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 Low Light Scenerios






Day Three:

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Final Evolution




Great three days of training. I learned a lot on Friday with Dark Angel Medical. Incorporating the classroom trauma into the shooting days was very valuable training. The low light class was intense. I don’t have much experience with a flashlight and clearing rooms. I would encourage everyone to take all the low light classes they can. Finding a gun range that allows night time shooting to take place is very rare.

In summary, I was very pleased with my three day class. I thought it provided excellent value. I’ve had the opportunity to take classes from several different Houston and Austin firearms training instructors. I was also lucky enough to take a class from Paul Howe. It’s important to take classes from reputable trainers. Lee and Chris from CWS were solid. They were passionate and knowledgeable about the subject material and had a true desire to see students excel. I look forward to training with Lee and Chris in the future.

BONUS: After the class got out on Friday I went to my room. I had brought my work computer and immediately started working on office paperwork. After a couple of hours my brain was fried. Then I hear the instructors in the hallway talking about dinner. I opened my door and asked “you guys going to dinner”. They said “yes”. I asked “mind if come along?”. What were they going to say…I weasled my way into having dinner with the instructors. We went to a great burger joint. Lee, Chris and Kerry talked at length about the firearms training industry, how to make their classes better, how to reach more students…etc   These guys are super dedicated instructors and highly motivated to provide high level training. I was very impressed just listening to these guys.


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