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Seventy Degrees and overcast in Houston. Perfect time to take Emily to the gun range to spend some Daddy Daughter time. Emily recited the Four Gun Safety rules Ten times throughout the morning and on the way to the gun range. Emily then read the Four Gun Safety rules and she has to explain the rules to me before we got her rifle out.

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Emily sent about 50 rounds down range shooting the paper targets. She got tired so we took a little break. With the weather being so awesome we drove over to the pistol area. Emily stayed in the car reading and I got to shoot 75 rounds at the steel plate rack. I unfortunately had not shot my pistol in several weeks. However, I focused and shoot the plates with ease.

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To wrap up the day I took Emily over the the .22 only Tin Alley shooting range. There are steel plates and bottles to shoot. Emily really likes it when she hits one of the target bottles causing it to swing.

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When I take Emily to the gun range it is great. I get to spend quality time with her. She has fun shooting in a super safe and controlled setting. Emily has made me super proud with her maturity and respect towards her rifle. Emily enjoys going to the range with me and I get lots of hugs and kisses. Who knows if Emily will continue to like to shoot guns when she gets older. It would be super awesome if Emily continued to shoot with me and even started to compete in IDPA pistol matches. However, the greatest thing about our gun range trips is that Emily understands that a gun is a tool and knows how to use that tool. Emily knows how to safely handle a firearm and is not frightened by a firearm. She understands the Four Gun Safety rules and knows those rules are not just for the gun range but for life.





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