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I was very lucky to have been able to take this three day class from Dark Angel Medical and Combative Weapon Solutions. My sister who lives in Austin took a day of vacation on Friday and watched little Katherine. Emily who usually loves to go see Aunt Angela stayed in Houston with my wife because there was a sleep over party on Saturday.

Dark Angel Medical and Combative Weapon Solutions

This was a three day class that was broken up in three parts: Critical Care , Low Light and Urban Defense.

The Agenda for Friday Crtical Care Class:

  • Basic anatomy, physiology, and medical nomenclature
  • How to rapidly assess a traumatic injury and then form a treatment plan until EMS arrives
  • Basic airway/ventilation assessment and management
  • Assessment and management of severe bleeding/shock
  • Assessment and management of penetrating/blunt trauma
  • Hands on practice of tourniquets, hemostat agents, pressure dressings, airway devices, bandages, and occlusive dressings
  • Scenario practice and training
  • How to prepare a tactical first aid kit that will dramatically increase your treatment capabilities

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Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis  joined the Air Force in 1991 and trained as a medic, working in an ER. He then moved on to special duty with the only Tac Evac unit in the active USAF. Kerry was a flight medic where he was an Aircrew Training instructor. After the USAF he became a nurse. Kerry has been an instructor for Magpul Industries and is currently an adjunct instructor with Sig Sauer Academy.

The instruction and power point presentation from Kerry was amazing. Kerry was very humble in his presentation and passionate about his subject matter. He had a firm grasp of his subject matter and was able to efficiently pass on the knowledge to the students. He had a great down to earth demeanor.

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During the classroom portion the students got to try out and use different tourniquets and dressings. I got to pack dressings into the wound sausage. I am not sure if that is the official name, but one of the training aids was a big rubber sausage that had a knife wound, bullet entrance and exit wound. It was pretty amazing how much dressing you can stuff into the wound.

The biggest epiphany of the classroom training was the importance and scientific literature associated with the tourniquet. I had the common inaccurate belief that tourniquets were last ditch efforts and everything below the tourniquet died. That is completely false. After this training weekend, I started to follow Dark Angel Medical on Facebook and saw Kerry post a great summary of the tourniquet. I contacted Kerry and got permission to cut and past his tourniquet post into my blog.  Please do yourself a favor and read the Dark Angel Medical Tourniquet article. Better yet, get some critical care training and pick up a medical kit. Be prepared. There is no excuse for you to go to the gun range and have the latest Eotech or some race gun 1911 but not have a medical kit.


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