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Dr. Nugent Ultimate weekend Adventure


Last weekend I was supposed to shoot an IDPA match here in Houston on Saturday. The plan was to come home after the match, get the girls and head to Austin. I was enrolled in an AK class from Combative Weapon Solutions on Sunday. However, I did not look at my local clubs calender closely enough because there was no match this month due to scheduling conflicts. I called my awesome sister and she said it was fine to come up to Austin with the kids on Friday Night. This allowed me to train on Saturday. Combative Weapon Solutions was hosting a SHOTGUN class on Saturday and Hex Tactical Resources was running their INTRO TO DEFENSIVE CARBINE.  I decided to go the Hex class as I wanted to run my new 11.5 inch SBR with SilencerCo Saker Suppressor.

The biggest factor in my ability to attend shooting classes is my sister Angela. She is a brilliant Mechanical Engineer in Austin. She was the first Nugent to get her Bachelors and first Nugent to get a Masters. I had to outdo her and get my doctorate. Long live sibling rivalry!  Angela is a loving, fun and amazing Aunt. My girls love to go visit Aunt Angela. She always has fun things planned for the girls while I attend training classes in Austin.

Angela watches the girls, I get to train, my wife gets piece and quite at home and I don’t loose husband points.

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Early morning snuggling while watching cartoons. I am loading up all my gear and hitting the road.

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Intro to Defensive Carbine/ Rifle

This was my third time to take the “Intro” class from Hex. ( A previous Hex Intro class)  Novices and experts alike can always get something out of repeating the basics. The basics are the foundation of proper safety and weapon manipulations. In dental school I drilled on thousands of plastic teeth before I moved onto real patients. Like always, Instructors Pendley and Grimes made the class fun, informative and ran the class safely.

I was very happy with how my SBR ran. The rifle is a Rock River Arms lower with a Adams Arms 11.5 piston upper. I really like how easy it is to change the gas settings from normal shooting to shooting suppressed. The gun ran like a BOSS and was flawless. I was very happy with the SilencerCo Saker Suppressor.  Yes, suppressors are legal!

Hex loves to bring out the misery malfunction stick. They place the stick on the ejection port during drills to cause malfunctions. When students are focused on the drill and the target you don’t see the stick coming. Thus, it is a surprise when you get a major malfunction and need to get the rifle back in action!

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In the Intro Class there is some limited movement drills. How to properly move around people with your weapon is demonstrated. Then the students, under the watchful eye of the instructors, get to run through the movement drill.

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AK 101

From the course description:  AK 101 is intended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters. Focus will be on efficient and consistent weapons manipulations to increase speed and accuracy with the use of an AK. Core curriculum will be proper fundamentals for increasing accuracy and proficiency while under stress.  From proper zeroing to fluid and methodical handling of the AK platform is crucial to building the proper fundamentals. This is NOT a static shooting class, but rather a class that brings the fundamentals of the AK and the dynamics of using the AK into a truth based perspective.

Great class on the AK. This was my first formal training on the AK platform. Instructors Gray and Lee did an outstanding job on breaking down the AK platform, its strengths , weaknesses, uniqueness, and debunking misconceptions about the platform.

My main goal when signing up with this class was to get educated on the weapon and to learn proper manipulations on the rifle. My goals were meet! After this class I felt so much better using and manipulating the rile.

I’ve taken several class from Combative Weapon Solutions (CWS) and am always impressed with the professionalism and safety throughout the class.

Family Dentist Pasdena TexasHere I am ringing steel from 100 yards with iron sights on my AK74.


If you are in Austin or the surround areas you are lucky to have two high quality Training Companies. Learning never stops. There is always more to learn. You can always be better.