Dr. Nugent Birthday

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Daddy and Daughter at the Supercross race.

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Had a great birthday weekend. My firearms mentor Eric came into town. We shot Friday and Saturday focusing on IDPA skill sets. Shooting around barricades, movement, near vs. far targets, and foot work. We were supposed to shot an IDPA match in the Woodlands but that got rained out.

Saturday evening I took my entire dental office, Eric and Emily to the Houston Supercross.


I am always amazed on how much positive critique Eric can give just by watching me. He challenges me each range visit but always makes range sessions positive and fun. Eric built me two portable barriers so I can practice shooing for IDPA competitions.

Eric would have me run drills. If I did not get shots in the “down zero” scoring then I would have to break from the drill and shoot yellow sticky notes plastered on the targets. This was to get me back into shooting with precision.

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Notes from my Mentor on this Box Drill and random thoughts as it pertained to this weekend training session:

1 . Height of holster relative to location of draw hand.  Move holster DOWN, loosen belt.

2.  Location of draw hand relative to gun; use index, which can be forearm on grip, fingers, palm or other part of the draw hand on holster location (screw head/holster contour/holster edge, etc)

3.  Maximize preparatory arm contraction while meeting stage description,  typically” arms relaxed at sides”.

4.  Remember to index the draw hand on the gun in the correct draw position (mag draw as well) just prior to “SHOOTER READY” to reinforce the correct position and feel during the draw, which will occur seconds later. Lift the gun a few times to feel resistance and confirm the effort needed for correct draw.

5.  Develop the same precision trigger technique used in shooting post-it notes for use during rapid fire.

6.  Develop the ability to know at what distance “sight-less” and “just use the back of the gun juxtaposed (with correct sight alignment) on high target center mass” techniques are applicable, and at what distance, during matches.

7.  Develop the confidence and certainty that ” point and click ” distances are 90+% effective on head shots.

8.  Additionally, develop a consistent step, when drawing and moving either forwards or backwards,  as soon as the buzzer starts. Remember that ” while moving ” stage requirements are met by the smallest steps, as long as the movement is continuous.

9.  Walk as though on a balance beam. Keep stance narrow prior to any stage that begins with movement. Use rolling heel-to-toe steps, minimizing heel impact.

10. Work precision shooting at the beginning and end of every practice session,  and include some form of left hand only shooting.