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My oldest daughter has watched the NRA: Eddie the Eagle Video many times. I quiz her repeatedly as to what she would do if someone wanted to show her their dad’s gun. It is to the point that Emily just sighs, rolls her eyes and says “Don’t touch it, run away and tell an adult.” I am very meticulous about gun safety. Everything is ALWAYS locked up in the gun safes. I even have my ammunition stored and locked in plastic ammunition boxes.



My daughter Emily turned eight this month and I bought her a Henry Youth Single Shot .22 rifle.  Today was going to be the first day we went to the gun range. It was going to be a great day! I printed out the 4 Gun Safety Rules and started talking to Emily about Gun Safety. We went over each rule and I had her explain what the rules meant and why the rules were important for safety.  Then it was off to the doughnut shop for breakfast. I made Emily recite the gun rules while going to the doughnut shop, at the doughnut shop, on the way to the gun range, at the start of shooting and during shooting. Safety first!



About two years ago I purchased 10,000 rounds of Aguila .22 Super Colibri .22 ammo. Basically it is a bullet with no gunpowder and uses the primer to shoot the bullet. The ammo will not cycle semi-auto guns. However, it is perfect for bolt action .22 rifles. The round is very quiet to begin with and I had Emily wearing her hearing protection. I wanted to do everything I could to make shooting the rifle a non-scary event. Frequently, the noise from shooting scares the new shooter.  Emily shot a couple of times when I was not wearing hearing protection and it was very, very quite. It was almost as quite as shooting suppressed.

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The Henry Rifle is single-shot, European-style bolt action (you have to pull the bolt back to charge it) with a manual safety.  Emily had difficulty pulling the bolt back and engaging the safety. In a perfect world I would have had Emily flipping the safety on and off each shot. However, the safety was even a little stiff for me to engage.

20140830_110645 (Small)

Loading the .22

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Finger off the Trigger


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Emily loved checking our her Target.

Emily Shooting



It was an AMAZING day. Emily had fun and I was LOVING spending time with Emily doing something that I am passionate about. Emily already said she wants to go to the gun range again!

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Happy Daddy and Daughter



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