Glock 34


Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist:  Glock 34 Problems

I am switching from a SW MP to a Glock 34 for my IDPA competition. I had about 700 rounds through my Glock 34 prior to today. I even shot an IDPA classifier with the Glock where I made Marksman Classification.

The first 5 stages everything was going great. Two stages I received  ZERO down. Everything was coming together and I was shooting great. The weather was cold as it was 29 degrees on my car’s thermometer when I arrived the gun range. The sun was finally up and it was getting warmer. So this stage I decided to take off my toboggan and put on my GoPro Camera.

The Stage:


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Buzzer goes off, I draw and shoot from retention. BOOM, go for second shoot and no BOOM.  See the video below for the un-Glock like problems.


I got some VALUE ADDED training today. The first five stages I was shooting great and thought I had a chance of achieving a personal best in the ranking. Then malfunctions, I am clearing the malfunctions but the “time monkey” is in the back of my head saying you are losing time. An IDPA match is a combined score of accuracy and time for each stage. I was already WAY behind on time. But the malfunctions kept coming. I was not even sure of what the malfunctions were. I was getting some double feeds, I had to drop the mag and clear the double feed. In the rush I was forgetting if there was a round in the chamber. It was STRESSFUL and nobody was shooting at me! I got through the first three targets and was about to try to engage the other targets when the Safety Officer  said “Why don’t we bad this one and you go service your weapon”.  I dumped all my ammo at my bag and headed to the SAFE AREA. I did a field strip of the weapon. One of the other shooters had some lube. We sprayed the Glock down pretty good, cleaned the excess oil off and I ran the slide about 20 times. Loaded up my magazines and started the stage again. No problems on this stage or the last stage.

It was a real kick in the butt to have my Glock 34 have so many problems. I am OK to decent about cleaning my weapons. I think today made me become OCD Anal about cleaning weapons. Before I shoot the Glock 34 again it is going to get a full strip down, inspection and lube job.

Had a great time and it was nice to that the other shooters came to my aid when my gun went down.

I am having a great time shooting IDPA. In two weeks I kick off several mini training sessions with an IDPA ranked expert. I am trying to get better and improve my scores and mover up the classification rankings.



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