Glock 34

New Competition Gun: Glock 34

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75 rounds through the target!

New Glock 34 Gen 3 with Ultimate Pyramid Trigger System from and Larry Vickers Extended Glock Magazine release.

Second time at the range. Shooting at 8 yards. I really LOVE the trigger. I will be using the G34 as my new IDPA gun and have the trigger at 2 pounds.  The Pyramid trigger is great. Once the gun goes BANG you just barely move your finger forward. You will FEEL and HEAR the reset. This helps me out tremendously. As now I know that I am right at the breaking point for the trigger. The “Flinch Monster” can’t come into my head. I know exactly that any pressure and the gun is going to go off!!

I am bummed my IDPA match got rained out. I am going to head to the office and do end of year paperwork tomorrow.  Once I can’t stand paperwork any longer I’ll go by Marksman Indoor Gun Range on my way home. Looking forward to getting some more trigger time with the Glock 34!