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Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist: Glock Range Day

I needed some “Michael” time. Life gets crazy with kids, family, dentistry and small business ownership. I decided to try to beat the heat and go first thing in the morning to PSC gun range. I transitioned from a Ruger LCP to Glock 19 as my everyday carry gun. I wanted to get some range time in with my Glocks and to also to try out the new ammunition I will be using for home and carry. From the recommendation of Hex Tactical I choose to use Federal HST ammo.

On my Glock 17 I added TruGlo tritium/fiber optic sites in green. The Glock 19 I added the XS sight standard sight. Last night I added an aftermarket trigger to the Glock 19. So needed to practice with new hardware.

One thing I wanted to work on was getting my time down from drawing the gun from holster and getting an accurate hit on target. I love shooting IDPA matches and mainly train for IDPA competitions. However, the skills I am trying to master for IDPA translate to real world scenarios. I was using a shot timer. I would hit the “go button” and there is a random count down till the buzzer. At the buzzer the timer starts. Once I hear the buzzer I am drawing from holster and presenting and getting my shot off. I was disappointed as my times were in the range from 1.8 to 2.2 seconds at 12 yards. I was shooting and IDPA target. I would like to get consistent 1.6 seconds draws. In firearms and IDPA matches accurate hits quickly is vital.

Last month I attended a Hex Tactical Advanced pistol class. One of the drills had an attacker rapidly advancing towards you. It is amazing how fast the bad guy can get to you. I don’t even really remember seeing my front sight. Everything was muscle memory. The first shots were are a blur. That is why I wanted to practice and work on my first shot speed.


Next up for today was to run the Federal HST through all of the Glocks. Each Glock ran through the ammo just fine.  I shot 40 rounds of the HST and no problems what so ever. Looks like I am good to go.

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Before I left I wanted to shoot steel. Shooting steel is great because you get instant gratification if you hit the plate. So off to the plate rack.

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First time up to the steel plates I had a clean run with my Glock 34. Good grip, focus on front sight, squeeze trigger to the rear, bang, transition to next target and start to pull the slack out of the trigger, sights on target, squeeze, bang!! I went 12 for 12 and had a clean run with my Glock 34.

Fun day at the range. It was getting hot so I left and went home to start my chores.



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