Gun Range…Nope ATF Audit


So Friday I was planning on picking up Dr. Dosch and going to the outdoor range to work on my rifle skills. I have a rifle/pistol class next month. But on Thursday the ATF stopped by my dental office. It was time for a Compliance Audit. Friday the ATF agent came by and did an audit of my FFL.  The ATF agent was very nice and professional. By chance he was the same ATF agent that did my initial interview when I applied for my FFL. He checked my inventory against my books. No problems there. Then he checked my Firearms Transaction Records (Form 4473). Then he reviewed laws and we went down a checklist. I signed the check list. NO CITATIONS!!!!! The audit took 2.5 hours.

I was unsure on how long it would take. I still had some time in the afternoon before I needed to get home. So I stopped by the Marksman Indoor Gun Range. I was going to practice drawing from my IDPA concealment vest.

Pasadena Cosmetic Dentist

Target 17 yards

Deer Park Dentist

The Results!


Good day at the range. Drawing from the holster and getting shots of quickly and accurately were a success. The gun range was a much needed stress relief after my ATF audit today.  Brush, floss and stay safe.