Gun Weekend

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Last week the office had a surprise baby shower for Crystal. At the party Eric ,husband of Hygienist Polly, asked if we could go shooting. Two months ago I took the office and spouses shooting. Eric got hooked. This past Friday I got done at noon and met Eric at Marksman Indoor Gun Range. I reviewed stance, grip and had Eric shooting my SW MP .22 pistol. I was helping Eric with the basic fundamentals. In between Eric loading magazines I got to shot a little bit.

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I brought an assortment of pistols for Eric to handle and shoot. All of my full size pistols are chambered in 9mm. Guns used:  SW MP VTAC with Apex Trigger , Larry Vickers Glock 17 stock trigger, Sig P226, Glock 34 with aftermarket trigger and Glock 17 with aftermarket trigger. At the end of the range session Eric shot 4 rounds out of each pistol.

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Saturday morning I got up and made breakfast for the kids: toast, scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, raspberries and strawberries. Then Emily and I got ready to go to my dental office.  I stopped by Shipley’s doughnuts by my office for a special treat. Emily ate doughnuts then watched some Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix in the consult room. I worked on paperwork and paying bills.

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Then we ate lunch and headed to the outdoor gun range. By the time we got to the gun range Emily had recited the 4 Gun Safety rules 10 times. Then she had to recite the rules again before we got her rifle out of the case. Emily knows her Gun Safety.

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After shooting paper, Emily wanted to take a break. I had 10 Glock magazines already loaded. So I went to the steel plate rack and shot 5 magazines each through my Glock 34 and my carry gun Glock 19. I had great speed and accuracy shooting the steel. I was very pleased. Pound all the steel plates, pull the rope to reset the plates and then shot them back down. Shooting the steel plates lets me get a little practice at the range very quickly. I burned through the mags in only a couple of minutes.

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Next, Emily and I went over to Tin Alley. It is a range to shoot targets with .22 rounds.

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Emily likes to shot the interactive targets. She loves making the bottle move and likes to “get” the Prairie Dog.

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We ended our day getting Ice Cream. Emily rocking the Hex Tactical Resources path on her hat.

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An amazing day with my daughter. We spent most of the day together and she was all smiles. It is great to be able to spend quality time with Emily.




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