Hex Tactical Rifle Class

Pasadena Texas Shotgun

Intro to Defensive Carbine/ Rifle

I mainly shoot pistol and even compete in IDPA matches. Rifles are always a distant second when I go to the gun range. So when I saw Hex Tactical Resources was doing an Intro Carbine Class I was super excited. I know I would learn a lot from Instructors Grimes and Pendly

The Goals of the class from Hex’s Website:

“Specifically designed for the individual or officer that may deploy a carbine in a self-defense or patrol capacity. Emphasizes weapons manipulation & includes training to fight with a rifle at what has traditionally been considered handgun distances. An intense amount of correct repetition will hone the skills needed to master the fundamentals. The Goal:  students will instinctively & effectively operate their weapons – even under stressful situations. Note: the course is based on the ar-15/ m4 weapons platform, but other weapon systems are acceptable & will be discussed.”

Tactical AR 15 Class

Instructor Grimes

AR 15 Class

Instructor Pendley







This was a two day class. On the first day I decided to run my AR 15 with Leupold High Accuracy Multi-Range Riflescope  (HAMR).  The HAMR has a fixed 4x scope on the bottom and sitting on top is a DELTAPOINT red dot. I had barely just zeroed both optics prior to the class. Therefore it was going to be my first time running this piece of equipment. I was very happy with the HAMR. It has the best of both worlds. With a chin weld you get the Deltapoint red dot that is bright and crisp. Then lower to a cheek weld and you get 4x magnification with bullet drop indicators.

Carbine AR 15

Clearing a orange dummy round.

AR 15

Unconventional position.

DMPS Ar 15Shooting Dentist Pasadena













Lots of good training. Worked on movement, unconventional shooting positions, reloads, malfunctions, shooting around cover. As always the instructors balanced the serious nature of weapon training/teaching with sprinkles of humor. Both instructors like to tease each other. Instructors Grimes and Pendley make their class fun