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Basic Handgun 1 and Advanced auto pistol (combat Handgun) with Hex Tactical



Random thoughts:

  • Instructors Grimes and Pendley are knowledgeable and are passionate about teaching. They have no ego or “holier than thou” attitude. They are friendly, approachable and work great as “tag team instructors”
  • Bring a lunch to the training, trying to go into town to get something and come back is hard. Plus, short lunches mean more training!
  • The instructors mentioned a couple of teaching points that are very applicable to me. Most of my training is at a static firing range with me practicing by myself. I shoot IDPA so after the stage I am dropping my Mag, putting my gun into slide lock so I can show empty and clear for the safety officer. Things I need to practice on is after I am done shooting is to 1) Acquire another sight picture 2) Do a search and assessment, scan left, scan right. Break the tunnel vision. 3) Be super confident in my surroundings before I holster my weapon.
  • To paraphrase Instructor Pendley “If you just had to use or pull you weapon on a person, you need to have a WARM and FUZZY FEELING about the situation before you reholster”
  • You can’t control the weather training outside, be prepared for all weather conditions. Have a positive attitude.
  • Both instructors stressed the value of more training. They even mentioned other training programs. That speaks volumes of the instructors desire for students to increase their skills and knowledge. They want the students to increase in proficiency. They were NOT just plugging HEX. There was no sales pitch or hard sale to take more Hex classes. Just a desire for students to continue their training.
  • It is super cool the instructors take so many pictures of the students and offer the pictures to the class. I brought a flash drive and had all the pictures immediately after class.
  • Three days out from the class and I am still excited and pumped up from the class.
  • I had such an amazing time in two days that I will drive in from Houston to attend future pistol, shotgun, carbine, and low light classes from Hex Tactical.

Camera Bloopers

I did not know I was wearing “tactical shorts”. The rear stiching of my shorts creates a mesmerizing circle.

Tactical Shooting

Tactical Tip 27, if you run with a fist in one hand and open palmed in the other you are .01% faster when you run.

SW MP Pistol

If you can create the perfect dense gut, you can create your own gravitational field. This is advantageous as your magazines will remain in orbit over your stomach.

Hex Tactical Austin Texas

Overall, I had an amazing time during the two days of training. I consider myself intermediate skill level. However, I would take the Basic Handgun 1 class once every two years just as refresher course. It does not matter the skill level you are, the basic/intro class is a good time to slow things down and review the fundamentals. Now the Advanced Handgun class I would take every month if possible. For my skill level this class was awesome.  The training/practicing never stops. If you have the opportunity to take classes from Hex Tactical I would highly recommend doing so.

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