IDPA 8-24-13

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist Dr. Nugent:


Dr. Nugent shoot an IDPA match on 8-24-13 at PSC gun range. Shooting IDPA matches is so much fun. You will be shooting from, in, around, and through things you can never normally do at the range. Each event is completely different.

 Whats in the Box



Did not go to slide lock.  Grabbed my mag like a caveman out of my mag pouch. Need to go fast, dig my thumb on my belt and swipe backwards and get a good grab on the magazine. Index the bullet and get it into the mag well.  No more grabbing it like a caveman and jabbing the magazine into the hole.

Got the Steel on my first shot!!!

On the head shot behind the non-threat, I put one shot on the head before the slide lock problem. Once I got going again I put the next round RIGHT on top of the first round.

4 Down.

I’ve had several One on One Training sessions with a Firearms instructor. The only problem is he lives several states over. I included his critiques of the stages.

NOTES from my instructor who watched the video:

1.Look at the target array and go over the timing in your head prior to the stage; 1,1,2,1,1. Get that controlled pair on target 3 without having to think about it.
2.When backing up, get the shots off ASAP, since you’re closest to the target at the beginning of the stage.
3.Note the trigger yank on the 2nd attempted head shot. MUCH better than in the past, but it’s still present. Likely you’re more prone to yank on follow-up shots than initial shots.
4.When arriving at the left side of the stage/barricade, have the gun up and ready to engage targets (same as AR).Prior to the stage, look at the footing (distance to the end of the barricade) required; review it a few times prior to the stage so that when you are moving there, you can look down and see where you’ll need to stand to keep your lower body behind cover but still be able to maintain the position to engage the first target.





Laying down on the picnic table. This stage made you shoot laying down on your side.

Slide lock problem again.

8 down

Instructor Notes:

  1. Trigger yank again (still an improvement over previous).
  2. If you can prepare your mags from the position you’ll be in at the start buzzer, lay down in the start position and sit up as you would during the stage, and see how you’ll be recovering your mags. It appears that more angle would have made securing the mags easier and quicker. Arrange your kit to facilitate quick, effective access prior to “SHOOTER READY?”.




Again, I grabbed my magazine and inserted it like a caveman. Time to re-learn muscle memory while I work on proper mag loading.

2 down

Instructor Notes:

  1. NICE SHOOTING!!!!!!




Did not go into slide lock again.  Tapped the mag, pulled the slide. I  saw magazine was empty. Dropped the mag, inserted new mag and the slide lock went forward. Some reason it did not chamber a round. Had to rack it.

10 down


Instructor Notes:

  1. Again, before the stage, rehearse your footwork to minimize unnecessary movement. While others are taping, move along the windows/ports to determine how many steps and where to stop that will put you where you need to be to engage the first target.
  2. Yanked it again.
Instructors final comments:
Look at the stage and count how many rounds per each target and determine ahead of time where the 11th round will be fired, where you’ll need to reload, and how much sooner the reload will be if you fire an additional makeup round. Plan it all out ahead of time so reloads won’t be a surprise.
There may be some advantage to do a tactical reload (mag with unexpended rounds secured on your person after loading a fresh mag) during movement behind cover that will change your planned count.
I am VERY HAPPY to see your success and improvement. After your last IDPA score, I was questioning whether I was doing you any good. This is clear progress.