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Last Saturday I competed in an IDPA match at my local gun range. It was my first match in several months. Boy did it show. I had a very poor showing. Shooting at a static gun range is fun but has inherent limitations. I really like shooting IDPA matches because it allows you to do stuff that is not allowed on a static range: moving, threat identification, moving targets, stress, time stress, shooting around barriers and competition anxiety. I really struggled getting good hits at distance at this match.



Yesterday I had off work so I went to the range. I decided to bring several handguns and not just my competition guns. I wanted to get back to basics and just focus on fundamentals. I mainly worked shooting at 15 to 25 yards. Then before I left I ran through two mags just “point shooting”. Up close, 5 to 7 yards , no sights… just putting combat effective rounds on target.

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It was a quick visit to the range. I felt better getting hits on target. For those who have not done a competition I encourage you to try. The stress and time factor really adds another dimension to your shooting.

Stay safe and don’t forget to brush and floss!!!


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