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I’m very fortunate to have a good friend that was a firearms instructor in the Army. I email him videos of my IDPA match and I get great commentary. Here is my friend’s comments after watching the shooting videos.


See how much better the reload goes when you use the proper mag grip! Heavy use of barricade support. Great stage!

Recommendation; Next time at the range, set up this exact stage (the first 3 targets, anyway) and get a feel for engaging multiple targets at very close range. Dry fire is a natural method too, but the blast off of close targets/barricades can be a distraction to be practiced.



(Dr. Nugent note: This stage started of with you having to shoot the first target in front of you, then going tactical order.)

You get that one out of order? Ennyhoo, another good drill to replicate this stage. You can get you time WAAAAYYYY down by running this one over and over.

Recommend that you set up the targets FACING YOU. Don’t break the 180, but give the left and right one some angle towards you.



The shift from TGT 1 to TGT 2 took some adjustment. When doing the walk-through, move back and forth to determine how much you need to get a clear shot at each target. Maybe even find a reference on the ground to glance down at before you shift.  I’m finding the in IDPA, chorography is HUGE. Get your gun up BEFORE you clear the barricade, especially a barricade that you can see through! Bust that first round just as soon as you have a sight picture and clear the barricade. Can’t see the grip you had on the mag, but from how it went I’d bet it was one of those halfy grabs.

Recommend you apply a little more brain power to addressing each target. 2 stages cost you time because you forgot who needed what.


Wow, eight stages!?? God Bless Texas!  Remember to move (or in this case, shoot) just as soon as you hear the BEGINNING of the buzzer; don’t wait until it stops to begin. Good reload, too.

Recommend you tell me to get stuffed, because that was a great stage.

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