Pasadena Gun Dentist: Shooting IDPA

I have been shooting IDPA for over a year now. I had always shot unclassified. IDPA has five classifications: Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman and Novice. Two weeks ago I was able to shot a IDPA qualifier in Austin, Texas. The qualification test is the exact same test that everyone in IDPA shoots. It is a baseline to put you in your appropriate skill level category. My goal was to make Marksman. I got the results from the Ausin qualifier and I indeed made Marksman ranking. I was a little bit on the lower side of the score range but at least I accomplished my goal.

Shooting my IDPA match on Jan, 25th at PSC Gun Range was to be my first actual competition with me shooting Marksman. Everyone if broken down by classifications and type of pistol used. I am shooting my Glock so I am in the SSP – Stock Service Pistol (double action or ‘Safe Action’ ).

The other pistol classes:

  • CDP – Custom Defensive Pistol, such as 1911.
    Must be .45 ACP with maximum magazine load of 8 rounds
  • ESP – Enhanced Service Pistol, single action or SA/DA such as H&K P7 or CZ-75
    or Springfield XD
  • SSP – Stock Service Pistol, double action or ‘Safe Action’ such as Glock or SIG
  • ESR – Enhanced Service Revolver, rimmed or rimless ammo, full moon clip,
    power factor of 165,000
  • SSR – Stock Service Revolver, rimmed case ammo, no full moon clips

 There were 73 shooters today.

I shot really well and was rewarded with finishing second in my division.

Deer Park Dentist

Although we are all competiting based on our classifications, the club lists the group scores and ranks everyone. Out of the 73 shooters I had the 40th best score.

How I Ranked out of 73 Shooters at Each Stage:

Stage 1      38
Stage 2     47
Stage 3     47
Stage 4     28
Stage 5     32
Stage 6     44
Stage 7     44

It was a super fun day minus the one problem I have with my Glock 34 the weather was pretty cold. I had 4 different layers as it was supposed to warm up during the day. Well it finally got warm right when we were finishing up. I am looking forward to next months match!




Dr. Nugent is a Cosmetic Dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas. He is a licensed gun dealer and has his FFL. He does gun sales and transfers from his dental office. He is a CHL holder and welcomes CHL holders to his dental office.