IWI Tavor | Pasadena Texas Gun Dentist


Caliber: 5.56×45 / .223 (chamber is 5.56). Conversion kits available for 5.45×39 and 9×19
Barrel Length: Available in 16.5” and 18” versions
Rate of Twist: 1:7
Overall Length: 26 1/8” (16.5” bbl) or 27 5/8” (18” bbl)
Length of Pull: 15.75”
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Trigger Pull Weight: 11.5 lbs
Operation: long stroke gas piston, locking bolt (right or left ejection specific)
Capacity: Accepts AR-15 magazines
Finish: Polymer body available in Black or Flat Dark Earth. All metal parts treated for corrosion resistance


The IWI Tavor is a bullpup rifle. This places the magazine and action to the rear of the weapon, resulting in a short overall length, compared to a standard rifle configuration when both have equal-length barrels. Furthermore, all of the weight is in the rear of the gun making it feel extremely light.  Some unique features (besides the trigger being in front of the magazine and bolt) are 1) Charging handle and ejection port can be switched for left hand shooters 2) Ambidextrous mag release in front of the mag 3) Bolt release is immediately behind the magazine.

Magazine changes are fast and intuitive. Your left hand reaches up hit the lever as you grab the magazine. Inserting the magazine is simply inserting a new magazine into the magwell. When the magazine if fully inserted your left thumb is right by the bolt release. You simply move your hand back a little and the left thumb hits the bolt release.

The TAVOR is designed to have six points of contact.

IWI Tavor1. Right Shoulder.

2. Right forearm against the magazine.

3. Right hand on the grip.

4. Cheek weld.

5. Left forearm on the angled area in front of the trigger.

6. Left hand underneath.


With the weight to the rear, the short form of the bullpup and the six points of contact the TAVOR feels extremely compact and locked into the shooter.



In short, I really love my new IWI TAVOR. It feels balanced, secure, and is all the fun of an SBR without the paperwork and tax stamp.