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Dr. Michael Nugent, Pasadena, Texas Shooting Dentist


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Best Dentist Pasdena TexasDry firing can be a great exercise to do at home. I practice my draw at home. The laser lyte has become a valuable training aide for me. I can practice in my bedroom after the kids are asleep.

The first part of the Laser Lyte system is the laser cartridge. This rim less (the extractor will not pull it out) cartridge also servers as a snap cap. Every time the firing pin hits the laser cartridge the laser is activated.


Reaction Tyme Laser Trainer

The Reaction Tyme trainer is the newest edition the Laser Lyte target systems. It can be utilized for dry fire training and reaction time. On the back there is a switch labeled ON, RT, and OFF.

ON mode:  This mode will give you Audible and Visual signals when you get a hit on the target.

RT mode: This mode allows you to work on your reaction time. The target will light up in 3 to 7 seconds and will stay on for 3 seconds. (disregard what I say on the video about having 1 to 3 seconds to hit) I love this mode. I will place the targets in my bedroom and have my gun with laser cartridge in the holster. The target will light up and I will draw and fire.



I’ve been super impressed with my reaction tyme laser trainer.

LTS Target – TLB-1

This laser target is different than the smaller Reaction Tyme trainers. This larger unit will register and remember your laser hits. When you want to see where you have shot simply hit the small bottom left circle to DISPLAY your shots. To clear the shots hit the small bottom right circle to RESET the target.


I originally had an older model of the TLB-1 and it worked great. Then it started to not register hits. I put in new batteries and was still having problems. I emailed Laser Lyte and they sent out a newer version. The new version is working ok. It is not registering all the shots. I am going to email Laser Lyte and see if they have any suggestions.

Do I still like my TLB-1……YES.  I wish it would register better. But it has been a valuable training aide.

If I could only have one target system it would be the Reaction Tyme target as you get TWO targets and love the versatility of the target with its two different modes.



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