Low Light Pistol

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Low Light Pistol

I’ve taken Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Combat Shotgun and Intro to Defensive Carbine from Hex Tactical Resources. I think Instructors Pendley and Grimes would say I am an average shooter with good basic firearm knowledge. However, for the Low Light Pistol class I was extremely nervous. I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot at night. Actually using my night sights, flashlight and pistol mounted flashlight was going to be brand new.

I pull up to the range parking lot and Instructor Pendley is out side talking to some guys. I park and get out. Hum….everyone is wearing a duty belt with handcuffs, tasers, pistol and magazines. Great a bunch of Cops who have experience shooting at night. Please don’t let me be that guy who holds up the entire class! Usually there is classroom time before hitting the range. This time a small amount of instruction is giving on the range. Then we start shooting. It is still light outside. Gradually it is getting darker and darker. My VTAC sights on my SW MP were doing a great job of grabbing all available light. My primary fiber optics were still glowing right till the very end of daylight. Then the night sights that are under the fiber optics took over in brightness.

Everyone was supposed to bring two chemical glow sticks. One in the front and one in the rear. I ended up wearing four glow sticks. I REALLY wanted to be seen, don’t shoot the glowing ball of light.



Low Light 1 (Small)



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All in all I think I did OK for my first time shooting at night. Unless you have a ton on land and can shoot on your own property,  finding a place to shoot in the dark is difficult. I encourage you to try and find low light classes. I learned a lot and am eagerly awaiting Hex’s 2014 training schedule.

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