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I had the amazing and unique opportunity to be a bad guy role player for a Hex Tactical Resources class. The class was “Low Light Building Clearing Force-on-Force” that was for Law Enforcement only. The class was for the officers and I was merely an actor. However, it was tons of fun!

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We were using simunitions. Think paint balls but on steroids! I applaud the officers for taking the time out of their life’s to train. Officers and dentists both have to have a minimum of training / continuing education hours per year. The state mandate of hours is low, so again kudos to these officers that took it upon themselves to get better!

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The first couple of scenarios were simple but latter scenarios ramped up the intensity. The last scenario of the night was a simulated warrant search with one bad buy that was hiding to ambush the officers. The first bad guy was easily found if the officers used good room clearing tactics. I was the second bad guy. I ran away from the officers down a hallway when they entered the house. I was to let them see me and then disappear.  This last scenario I was to let loose and engage with my sims gun. The officers called for back up and there was four officers trying to get me. This last scenario was intense! I was popping out of a room and taking shots. There was very minimal physical activity but yet my heart rate was about 165 BPM. It was a very unnerving experience to have my heart trying to jump out of my chest. I am in the middle of reading “On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace” by Dr. Grossman. From the book, I recognized what was happening and I started to take long slow breaths to lower my heart rate. Eventually the officers were able to neutralize me.

Fun night being a role player. I appreciate Hex Tactical asking me to drive up from Houston to participate in the Law Enforcement Only class. Great bunch of officers and I pray for their safety as they hold and maintain the Thin Blue Line.

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