NRA 2013 Day Two

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist:

Wife slept in till 11:30 on Sunday. I cooked lunch and told my wife I wanted to go back to the NRA Convention.

I stopped by the Taurus and got to meet Jessie Duff. She is the team captain of Taurus. She has earned 22 National and 19 World Champion shooting titles. Plus, numerous regional and state champion titles, in five different shooting disciplines.

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Next up was the Chiappa Rhino. It is an interesting revolver in that it is the bottom cylinder that is fired. This lowers the axis of a revolver’s barrel in the hand and reduces recoil and muzzle flip.

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The next two guns are ones that have been on my radar. The FN PS90 and the SW MP Shield.

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I got to spend some time talking with the Lawyers at Texas Law Shield. If you have you CHL you must take a look at their program. If you want an easy way to get CLASS III items get a trust set up by these lawyers. It is super fun shooing suppressed weapons. These lawyers are good guys and will answer any questions you have.

There was no line at Team Glock so I stopped in and got my picture taken with Two Factory Glock Team Members.

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Super fun NRA convention. I really enjoyed being to able to see so many different products and accessories.

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