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I’m very lucky to have a friend that was an Army firearms instructor. I send him videos of my IDPA match and I get awesome critique. Below are my friend’s comments after watching the shooting videos.


Appears your using your support forearm to brace against the port. Lends to stability, but MAY be an issue with some ROs. VERY FAST  target transition towards the end of the stage.

Recommend you HAMMER the mover to insure -0 hits, unless you’re sure that you got what you need.



Again, using barricades for support. Check the mag pull from the pouch; could improve the grip, which in turn could have sped up the reload. Second to last round caught you completely flat-footed; burned time trying to clear a misfire while it needed a reload.


Recommend that you plan your reload locations during the stage, and avoid the additional 1/2 to 1 1/2 seconds added to the score. KNOW, at the earliest point in the stage, where to expect the gun to go dry so it won’t be a surprise. Expect it.



Excellent way to start a stage; staring right at your first target past the barricade.  Much better response than the last double feed; you got her running in short order. HEAVY use of support from the barricades, possibly because the majority of barricades are made of barrels.


Recommendation; should the pistol fail to fire, a slight barrel-up tilt will allow you to observe the barrel/breach/slide and quickly assess the issue, ie. failed to fire vs. failed to go into battery.



Got caught flat-footed again: If I read the stage right, you were to load 6, shoot your pistol dry, reload and shoot support hand. Ran it dry (and then handled the empty mag), reloaded using that partial mag grip, and failed to cycle the slide.

Recommend some shooting-hand-only reload drills: no different than what you already do, but just not freestyle. Now, reloading with your RIGHT HAND while holding the pistol with your LEFT HAND is a whole new skill set that you can avoid by making the hand-to-hand switch and doing what’s normal. And again, PLAN FOR YOUR RELOADS: don’t get caught flat-footed. Cost you some time remembering that you needed 3 on that last target,too.

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