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Paul Howe CSAT


I had the awesome opportunity to take a two day pistol/rifle class with Paul Howe at his CSAT facility. I purchased his book: Leadership and Training for the Fight: Using Special Operations Principles to Succeed in Law Enforcement, Business, and War and asked Paul to autograph the book.







While he was signing his book,  he asked me about my background and if I was former military? Nope…just a dentist!


He then asked well since you are in the business can I ask you a dental question? My head nearly exploded. Paul Howe asking me a dental question! My passion for dentistry and shooting hobby we merging. This was freaking amazing! Paul asked his question and I gave him my professional opinion and my dental philosophy. We talked about dentistry and business ownership. For me it was pretty surreal that two of my passions were combined.

Over the two day class I got a chance to talk to Paul one on one. He was very nice, humble and approachable. He had no ego or puffed out chest. It was an awesome experience to talk to him and to take his pistol/rifle class. I look forward to taking more of his classes in the future.

Paul Howe CSAT


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