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I really enjoy shooting IDPA matches. Most matches are between 16 and 25 dollars depending if you are a member of the club that is hosting the match. Several days before a match I will start to get nervous.

I really like the “game time stress and anxiety” that the match brings. You have all the other shooters watching you and the the Safety Officer right behind you with the buzzer. It is a way different experience than just shooting on a square static range. There is movement involved, moving targets, disappearing targets and target identification. IDPA is a combination of accuracy and speed while trying to balance “real world” scenarios. I think IDPA matches augment my firearms training but one should also take dedicated firearms classes. Plus, individual range time is a must.

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I highly encourage you to try competitive shooting. It is fun and adds different dimensions to your firearm skills.

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My current gun  for IDPA is an Agency Arms modified Glock 34.




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