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Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent participated in a  two day carbine class from Hex Tactical Solutions. Instructors Grimes and Pendley have over two decades of SWAT and Patrol Experience and have over 6500 training hours. Both instructors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. Dr. Nugent has taken multiple classes from Hex and each time has learned new techniques or refined techniques to become a more efficient shooter. Both Instructor Grimes and Pendley will push you to become a better shooter. Also, both instructors make the class FUN with their up-beat personalities and their humor. They love to tease each other and while the class is run with high level of instruction, knowledge and safety there is a fun atmosphere.


Day 1:  Intro to Defensive Carbine/ Rifle

Specifically designed for the individual or officer that may deploy a carbine in a self-defense or patrol capacity.
Covers: an emphasis on weapons manipulation & includes training to fight with a rifle at what has traditionally been considered handgun distances. An intense amount of correct repetition will hone the skills needed to master the fundamentals.
The Goal: students will instinctively & effectively operate their weapons – even under stressful situations.
NOTE: the course is based on the AR-15/ M4 weapons platform, but other weapon systems are acceptable & will be discussed.


Day 2:  Tactical carbine/ rifle

Designed for experienced / advanced carbine operators
Covers: starts with a short refresher; then quickly evolves into weapons manipulation under stress; drills will include multiple threat engagements, off-line-of-attack drills, reloads under duress, weapons malfunctions, handgun transitions, barricade & vehicle cover drills — just to name a few. Students should be familiar with their weapon systems & have a firm grasp of the fundamentals before enrolling.
The Goal: students will keep their cool & retain efficacy with their weapon system when situations get intense.

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Round behind the trigger.


On Day 1 I decided to run my AK74 as I have limited time behind this gun. For the first hour everything was working great. I was practicing rocking the mags in and charging the weapon. Then the gun went down. What…an AK going down. I could not get the bolt to go forward. I pounded on the charging handle and could not get the bolt to go forward. Nothing in the camber and magazine was out. It was odd, I could not see any obstructions. I decided heck with the AK74 and decided to get the IWI Tavor out. I was very interested in running the Tavor as I just put an EoTech and magnifier on the weapons sytem. Plus, I received the new Super Sabra Trigger for the Tavor from Geissele.

At the end of Day 1 I looked at the AK74 and was still dumbfounded. Another student in the class took the rifle, pounded on the charging handle and then took the dust cover off. HOLY WEIRD MALFUNCTION BATMAN. A round had somehow moved BEHIND the trigger assembly. I had watched Travis Haley’s Adaptive Kalash trying to get ready for this Hex Class. I barely watched the AK Malfunction section because I believed the hype that AKs don’t malfunction. Travis actually covered this malfunction. I just did not have enough knowledge and experience to recognize the problem. Another reason why training is so vital. You don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to your highest level of training.


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For the remaining Day 1 and Day 2 class I ran my Hebrew Hammer: the IWI Tavor.

I absolutely love my Tavor. It has such a great balance as all the weight is in the back as it is a Bullpup rifle. It is very ergonomic and  just feels good.  It allows for short rifle convenience with long rifle accuracy.


In the class we ran several drills to demonstrated the mechanical offset , the distance between the optic and the barrel. Knowing mechanical offset is vital on up close targets and when shooting around and over cover. I was really surprised on how much hold over I had to use on close targets. As Instructor Pendley likes to say so eloquently “Mechanical Offset, it’s real”.

This video was at the end of the second day. We were running a Balance of Speed and Accuracy with an added component of Mechanical Offset drill. With the use of a shot timer, Instructor Pendley would start the student. The student had to put 3 shots into the large box, then 1 shot in each hexagon and then 3 more shots into the large box. Every shot had to count or else you failed. I ended winning. There were some great shooters and even a firearms instructor from Louisiana. It felt awesome to come out on top over the very talented students in my class. I received a velcro Hex Patch. If you want your own Hex Swag visit the Hex Online Store.



I was also able to run my YHM Phantom on my Tavor. Running suppressed was awesome!

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One of the new features from Hex is the utilization of the Malfunction Stick. The instructors will place the stick right at the ejection port while you are doing a drill thus inducing a malfunction. During drills on the firing line I was able to clear every induced malfunction with an easy pull on the Tavor’s charging handle. I never got a huge malfunction UNTIL we were running two man team scenarios. This was not a great time to learn a new skill. I unfortunately struggled to clear the double feed jam as I had never encountered it before. I had no reference in my mind to fall back on.

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Malfunction Stick

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Finger Banging

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Over the two days I got a lot of practice and repetition on my Tavor. I mainly shot IDPA pistol matches and spend most of my time at the range doing pistol drills. I am faithful CHL holder and carry everyday. While my firearms practice and training is geared for my competitions I understand the reality that I am responsible for the safety of my family and myself. When seconds counts, cops are minutes away. I pray I never will have to use my Glock 19 that I carry every day the same way I pray I never need my seat-belt or our house fire extinguisher.

It was great to come to the Hex two day carbine class to reinforce good habits. I am already looking forward to the next carbine class as the class is awesome.

Videos from the Hex Tactical Solutions Two Day Carbine.

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Dr. Nugent is a family dentist that practices at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504. He has a strong focus on Family, Cosmetic and Dental Implant Dentistry. Dr. Nugent is a licensed gun dealer that can do FFL transfers. He is a NRA life, benefactor and endowment member. Furthermore, Dr. Nugent a CHL holder and exercises that right every day.