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I was able to receive some personal one on one instruction on the AR15. I mainly shoot pistols at the gun range. However, I wanted to increase my knowledge and skill on the AR15. Therefore, I spent the afternoon at the range with my friend.  My friend was coaching me and giving me tips throughout the day. He video recorded me so he could critique and give me pointers at the end of the day. When I watch the following video I cringe. So many things to correct and so much to practice. However, I learned so much in four hours.  I am posting the video as a reference point and historical time stamp of my very first day of AR15 training.

Things I need to work on:

  • Avoid hard pressure with left hand fingertips on AR forearm
  • Magazine Reloads- Press mag release while snapping AR towards center (left): one big snap instead of many little shakes
  • Making sure to pull down on the magazine after I insert the magazine
  • Once I have pulled down on the mag, practice a fluid motion of hitting the bolt release and getting my hand back into position
  • Not wrapping my hand in the sling
  • Squaring my shoulders to the target
  • Practicing safety manipulation- Safety off when raising barrel/safety on when lowering barrel
  • Getting .223 snap caps to work on failure drills
  • SPORTS- 1. Safety (if possible) 2. Pull charging handle 3. Observe 4. Release 5. Tap 6. Shoot
  • Moving with rifle
  • Getting the butt stock high and up into my shoulder pocket
  • When turning–do not raise the barrel while turning. Get onto target then raise weapon
  • Shooting kneeling and prone
  • When pivoting, turn toward and move with toes leading (not heels)
  • Keep weapon UP when rounding corners with enough distance back from cover so that it won’t interfere with movement
Once again a Super Fun day at PSC gun range. In just a couple of hours I learned a ton of information that I can practice.

I will be taking more classes focusing on the AR15. It is super fun to shoot with very low recoil.  I was shooting the Ruger SR-556 with Leupold VXR Patrol.

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