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Sage Dynamics and Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist


18 second mark I try to go down to my 4x of my Leupold HAMR. My ear protection is making it hard. I got back to my Delta Point red dot that is on top.

27 mark the malfunction stick comes into play

34 seconds — malfunction double feed

41 seconds — locking the bolt back

49 seconds — new ammo

1:34  — The first time I have ever had a CLICK instead of bang without using “snap caps”. It messed me up and I fixed the problem inappropriately.

2:05 new mag before I advance

2:52 trying out “shoulder bump” and accidentally engaged a No Shoot target.

3:02 — Mechanical offset…it’s real

3:21 another light primer strike — better identification, wish I would of used left hand to pull charging handle back so my right hand staid on fire control.


Michael Nugent DDS
Had the opportunity to take Sage Dynamics class on Sunday. I don’t shoot much rifle as I mainly focus on pistol. However, I still like to take several rifle classes a year. There was a brief safety brief to start the day. Basically Aaron’s two rules were 1) Do it if it is safe 2) Do it if it makes sense.  Everyone except me took day 1 rifle. I was the “new guy” on Sunday. However, I think I did alright and held my own.


For lunch I took the range owner and Aaron to subway. Aaron got to ride in the back next to the car seats!


At the end of the class Aaron gave some I.O.U.’s for Sage Dynamics patches for distinguished shooters. I was one of the students that received the recognition.


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