Saturday Range Day

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I ran out to the gun range today. I got a good deal on some Aimpoint H1s during Thanksgiving. So today I took off my Bushnell Trs-25 red dots and put on the Aimpoints. I never had a problem with the Bushnell red dots and ran them in carbine classes. However, the Aimpoints are a big step up in quality.

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I was zeroing in at 25 yards. The rifles were my 10.5 inch SBR Adams Arms piston upper on RRA lower and 16 inch Adams Arms piston on Adams Arms lower. The SBR was running SilencerCo Saker suppressor and regular AR was running SilencerCo SpecWar suppressor.

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Now time to play with the Agency Arms Glock 34s. I had my full build Agency Arms G34 for a couple of months. Just four days ago I got my full build Agency Arms G34 with RMR. Today was the first day to play with the new RMR.

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The below target was 10 yards (30 feet away). I would draw and shoot three rounds as fast as I could personally go AND get good hits. Then re-holster and repeat. With iron sights I tend to shoot down and to the left when going fast. With the RMR fun I was not seeing that pattern. Just a quick observation, the upper targets tended to have hits slightly high and the bottom targets had slightly lower hits. Will that be a pattern I see in the future? I’ll need more time playing with the red dot.

I’ll need more time behind the RMR to become more proficient with acquiring the red dot. Sometimes I was searching for the red dot on the first shot. I foresee lots of dry fire and presentation from holster in my bedroom working on getting the red dot acquired.

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I ended up shooting 200 rounds through the RMR Glock and 50 rounds through iron sights Glock. I was very happy and impressed with the new RMR Glock.  It was a great day at the gun range! Pretty crazy to be shooting on December 26th at 8 a.m. in shorts and a t-shirt.




My Pasadena, Texas Dental Office is very unique. Since 1950 I am the third dentist/owner of the dental practice. To say my office is a Family Dental Office is a bit of an understatement. I am blessed to have adult and senior citizen patients where I the second or third dentist they have ever seen. My office has patients that have been coming here ever since 1950. Running a dental office is not that hard. Deliver good dentistry and actually care about your patients is our recipe for successes.

I love being a Dentist. The changes in dentistry that I have seen after graduation are incredible. I am very passionate about continuing education and take ten to fifteen times the yearly requirements. I have become a regional leader in dental implant dentistry. I am one of the small percentage of general dentists that can both surgically place and restore dental implants. Dental implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth. To aid in my implant dentistry I have invested in a 3-D X-ray machine. This allows me to analyze and plan patient implant surgeries on the computer screen.


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