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Scope Zeroing at PSC Gun Range.

I am more of a pistol shooter. However, I finally got around to getting some Leupold Red Dots for my rifles. At the NRA National Convention I was able to hold and see a lot of scopes. I decided on three Leupold scopes. I got two Leupold VX-R 1.25-4 x 20mm fire dot scopes and the Leopold HAMR with Delta Point. I got two identical scopes so I could have one on my AR15 and one on my SW MP 15-22. I liked the idea of having identical scopes on the 223 and .22lr ARs.  I used the Burris “Proper-Eye-Position-Ready” scope mount for the VX-Rs. For my needs and usage the Burris was fine as I did not need a quick dismount option. We did not get a chance to mount and zero in the HAMR this trip to the range.

We got the SW MP15-22 all sighted in on the .22 range. Now it was time to get the AR15 zeroed.

I think the AR is good to go! We were shooting off the range rifle rests. Not the most stable of platform for repeatable testing. I was shooting and Dr. Dosch was calling my shots. Got the elevation and windage adjusted and I was stacking rounds!

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I had a medium quality red dot on my SW MP15-22. I took that red dot off and put it on my AK74. Surprisingly the AK74 was the quickest rifle to zero. It is supper fun to shoot at it does not “kick” as much as an AK47. The AK74 uses the 5.45×39mm cartridge. The AK74 is going to be my new full size “plinking” gun because the ammo is still relatively cheap and available.

Pasadena Dentist AK74

Dr. Dosch on the AK74

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Dr. Dosch on the AR15 stopping to give me a Dental Anatomy refresher: ” Michael be sure to remember the three functions of an embrasure are 1) to form spillways between teeth to direct food away from the gingiva 2) Create a mechanism for teeth to be more self cleansing. 3.) to protect the gingiva from trauma while providing gum tissue stimulation.”


Super fun day at the range. Got three rifles zeroed in and got to hang out with my teacher/mentor/idol/friend Dr. Dosch.