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SilencerCo threaded barrel

SilencerCo Barrel Pasadena Texas


First SilencerCo barrel did not run. It gave me lots of FTL and FTE. Original SilencerCo barrel would work two thirds of the time. I called SilencerCo and they were great. The sent me out a new barrel and I returned the defective barrel. Unfortunately, the new barrel is WORSE then the first one I tried. The video is me shooting the new SilcencerCo barrel for the first time.



Still having problems of with the SilencerCo barrel. I ran this suppressor on a Lone Wolf barrel on my G19 and had no problems. Called SilencerCo back and once again they were great. They sent me a pre-paid shipping label and I sent them my G17, barrel and suppressor. They sent it back quickly. SilencerCo said everything was good that all they did was lube the piston and they had 150 rounds through it with no problems.

This is the video of my shooting it for the first time once I received everything back from SilencerCo.


The gun really did not like the Fiocchi 158 grain sub-sonic. This was my first time using this grain. I usually use the Fiocchi 147 grain sub-sonic and it had performed flawlessly. Using several different brands of 115 grain regular ammo and the gun ran fine. I was happy that everything was running good.




I literally forgot I had ordered a G34 SilencerCo barrel. The barrel worked great.

My Brother-in-law was supposed to come to the range today so he could shoot. He did not make it. I brought lots of toys for him to play with as he does not have any firearms. So I decided to run some of the long guns.


Fun day at the range. God Bless Texas!!!!




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