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S&W M&P VTAC pistol Review

I purchased the S&W M&P VTAC 9mm for my competition pistol. I have been trying to do as many IDPA pistol matches as I can squeeze in around work and family time.

Here is the unboxing

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 I love going to PSC gun range on my Fridays off. I get entire pistol bays to myself.

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The two biggest and obvious differances between the M&P VTAC versus a regular M&P is the Flat Dark Earth and the VTAC sights. At first glance the sights on the VTAC look weird and tall. However, therein lies the beauty of the VTAC sights. On top there are 3 fiber optic posts pulling in light for an intense bright sight picture. Underneath the fiber optic sights are night sights. Thus, in low light the fiber optics are not grabbing light and the tritium night sights start to glow. The sights work really well and were not a distraction at all. I thought it would take me a lot of time to get used to the different sights. However, the sights are so good at their specific duties I never noticed the night sights while I was shooting outdoors. When I took the pistol into a dark closet to look at the night sights…well that is all I saw was the night sights. I have other pistols that have night sights. They work OK in daylight and OK in the dark. The VTAC sights really offer a significant upgrade to just stand alone night sights.


Look at the fiber optic sights glow!

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  First day at the range and the gun felt good. Once again I am the limiting factor when shooting.

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I am still pulling shots down and to the left a little bit. That is something I need to work on and keep training.

  Dr. Nugent’s Video Review of the S&W M&P VTAC 9mm

About Dr. Nugent:

Dr. Nugent is a dentist in Pasadena, Texas. He is a NRA lifetime and Benefactor Member. Also, he is a Texas State Rifle Association Lifetime Member and has his CHL. Dr. Nugent got into shooting in 2010 after the birth of his second daughter. His dirtbike time got cut drastically so he took up shooting. Dr. Nugent is focused on Family, Cosmetic, Implant and Sedation Dentistry.