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Called my friend/mentor/idol Dr. Rod Dosch last night to see if he could join me at the range Friday morning. He was available. I always have a great time when I get to hang out with Dr. Dosch. He  is one of my heroes.

Started off the day rough. Was shooting poorly. I decided to get my Taurus 24/7 DESERT TAN grip out of the range bag. I had not shot it in over a year. People love to hate Taurus but I actually like the gun.  I forgot how nice the gun is. However, I’ll still use my SW MP VTAC for my competition gun. The MP with Apex trigger and VTAC sights is simply amazing.

 All set up for some fun.


Dr. Dosch shooting the Taurus.

Taurus 24/7

 Dr.  Dosh brought his Glock to shoot. While he was shooting  I decided to set up some drills to practice on my reloads and movement.


Snap Caps

I decided to load up a bunch of magazines with 3 to 6 rounds. I was also putting snap caps into the magazines in order to practice not FLINCHING and malfunction drills.


Fun day at the range. I was able to work on some skills to help me become a better shooter. Have fun on the range and keep your powder dry.

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About Dr. Nugent:

Dr. Nugent is a licensed FFL Gun Dealer whose office is located at 3421 Burke Rd STE A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.