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Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist


Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist

Shooting guns is a lot like golf. You never truly master the skill. Every PGA golfer still has professional coaches. The PGA golfers practice each aspect of their golf game and even the professionals get humbled by the complexity of golf.

Shooting is the same way.¬†Anybody can pull a trigger and shoot, just like anyone can go hit golf balls at the driving range. . However, me hitting a golf ball once a year is not going to make me into the next Jack Nicholas. Shooting takes incredible skill, practice, patience, focus and knowledge. Therefore, I go to the range as much as possible and practice. I shoot IDPA pistol matches so that is what I gear my training around. I love shooting IDPA matches because each stage is different and you get to move and shoot in scenarios that can’t be practiced normally at the range.

The IDPA targets have Zones. There are 0, -1 , and -3 zones. Ideally you want all your shots in the Zero areas so you don’t get points down. The points down are added to your time at each stage. Thus, IDPA matches are a combination of speed and accuracy.

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Zero Down

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Three Shots in the Down Zero Zones.













When at the gun range people don’t practice shooting around corners. Well that is a basic skill of IDPA. You want to shoot behind cover exposing less of yourself to the target. I used what is at the range to simulate shooting behind cover.

At the IDPA matches there is always some steel targets to shoot. So before matches I practice shooting steel. Shooting Steel can be very rewarding or frustrating. You get instant feedback if you hit the target. You get the nice auditory “ping” of the bullet hitting the plate and you get visual confirmation of the plate going down.

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Shooting Behind Cover

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Practice, Practice, Practice. But as a wise shooting coach told me once “Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”

Before I ever worked on a Human, I spent thousands of hours drilling on plastic teeth. You will never rise to the occasion, you will always fall back to your highest level of training.”¬† So get our there and practice perfectly!