Vepr 12 First Range Report

Molot Vepr 12 Shotgun

Before Shotgun

Vepr 12 Semi-Auto Shotgun:


I was super excited to try my new Vepr 12 Shotgun. Everything that I had read and researched on the Vepr was amazing. The ability to eat any type of ammo, plus the removable magazines was what made me must have this shotgun.

My first trip to the range to break the gun in I was going to be using:

Federal buckshot 1145 FPS
Remington HeavyDove 1255 FPS
Winchester 1200 FPS

First range visit with the Vepr did not go so well. About 60 to 70% of the shells were Failure to Eject and Stove Pipes. Everything I had read about the Vepr was that it was supposed to eat through any type of shells. The Vepr was having trouble with all the rounds. I shot about 60 shots last night before my outdoor range closed. One time I was able to get 4 shots off before it jammed. The rest of the time it was jamming on the first or second shot.

I’ve never had a brand new gun not run correctly right out of the box. Off to the internet to research!!

Vepr 12 Problems

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Frustrating first day with the Shotgun. I’ll have to figure out what is going on. The paper target did not make it.

Vepr 12 Shotgun