Vepr 12 Problems, Turn to the Internet

Vepr 12 Help

Vepr 12 Problems, The Internet is my Only Hope:

So I start Googling “Vepr 12” , “Vepr 12 problems” and I come across message board. I find the Vepr 12 section and start a new thread. I get lots of help. Message boards are awesome resources of knowledge. I’ve always had great luck with people trying to help each other out. You just have to take everything with a grain of salt. There are a lot of internet experts out there.

Some of the first advice I got was to take out the bolt carrier, clean the factory grease and relube.  Then came the check the gas block and ports. Of course I am a tooth expert and not an expert on guns. So I ask more questions and the guys on the message board are awesome about explaining.

Special thanks to evlblkwpnz and 505Fire for their help.

I took the Vepr back to the gun range using only the stock magazine and with the gun lubricated.

This time I had all HIGH BRASS:

Herters #00 Buckshot — Crafted with high-quality components, this versatile buckshot is suitable for personal and home defense.
Herters Multidefense Shotshells — The ultimate knockdown power with a 0.65″ round lead ball, backed by six No. 1 buckshot pellets. Per 100 or 200.
Rio® 12-Gauge 2-3/4″ 00-Buck Bulk Shotgun Shells with Dry-Storage Box
Winchester Military Grade Buckshot

All of the High Brass ammo that was 1300 FPS and above worked great. I was still having some issues with the low brass ammo.

Pasadena VeprPasadena Vepr








Vepr stuckVepr 12 After Pasadena Dentist








The gun ran better. Next up is to polish it. I got some great help from 505Fire from

He posted these pictures and made youtube videos.


Vepr 12Vepr 12 Polish












 This video shows a good tutorial on how to break the Vepr apart.



Next time to the range I’ll polish the gun. I’ll report back. Hopefully I’ll have a great running Vepr 12!!!!