Vepr 12


VEPR 12, Not your Daddy’s Shotgun:

I was watching youtube videos on gun training. I stumbled upon this video review of the VEPR 12 Shotgun.


The Vepr 12 looks like an AK47. The Vepr 12 shotgun is gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun that uses a long-stroke gas piston located above the barrel, and a rotary locking bolt. The gas system is self-regulating and does not need manual adjustments. The Vepr comes with a modified AK-style safety that has additional lever that permits faster “safety on” operation (mostly useful for IPSC and competition shooting). Also interesting to note is that the safety lever is also present on the left side of the receiver. Further distinction from the AK and Saiga Shotgun is there there is a bolt hold open feature after the last shotgun shell if fired. When the bolt is held open there will be a metal tab/button that comes down. Insert a new magazine and hit the button and you are ready to go. No need to grab the charging handle. Lastly, the magazine housing is provided with an extended magazine tunnel. This allows for faster magazine insertion. Simply press the magazine up. No¬† AK-style rocking movement is necessary.

Needless to say I had to have one! There are 5, 10, 12 round Magazines!!! No more loading a pump magazine one by one. Just swap mags!

My Vepr 12

Pasadena Texas Shooting Dentist

Shooting Dentist

Molot Veper 12 with 12 round Mag.

Molot Vepr 12 with 12 round Mag

Stay tuned to for range report as I take the Vepr 12 out for the first time.